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Dallas, Texas, May 3rd, 2024Total Point Urgent Care is excited to announce that it is expanding its local and national footprint. In a challenging market and a new world, it’s paramount that quality, affordable healthcare be available to all communities, regardless of wealth, geography, or privilege. Total Point’s organic growth will reach deeper into under-served rural communities by opening more emergency medical service centers in remote locations. As Total Point expands its presence throughout Texas, Missouri, and Arizona, it is committed to bringing the same quality, accessible care to communities across the United States. 

Total Point’s founder and CEO, Jeff Love, is pleased to announce that Mr. Bijaya Karki will help guide Total Point as its president. For Mr. Love and Mr. Karki, this partnership is about community and care more than business and profit. Invested in Total Point’s growth and expansion, they both recognize how vital it is for everyone to have access to quality, affordable healthcare. To do this, they are working to invest in more clinics across the United States. 

Total Point encapsulates Mr. Love’s and Mr. Karki’s core belief that healthcare is a fundamental human right, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or social status. These facilities will provide immediate medical care at a fraction of the cost of an average emergency room visit. 

Total Point offers appointment-free visits for urgent and emergent situations without requiring insurance. This accessibility is a cornerstone of Total Point’s mission, ensuring that no one is left without the care they need. Total Point will be able to treat and provide relief to its local communities through its commitment to treating, among other things, physical wounds, illnesses, allergic reactions, sprains, and infections. 

Total Point Urgent Care sets itself apart from its competitors with flexible weekend hours, urgent and primary care, specialty care, and telehealth services. Total Point has embarked on an aggressive campaign of growth and expansion and intends to open new facilities to communities of all shapes, substances, and sizes. Total Point looks for a caring and competent presence in any underserved community where access to care is limited—especially in remote, rural communities across the United States. 

About Total Point Urgent Care – With established clinics in Texas and Missouri,  Total Point Urgent Care aims to provide families with convenient and affordable healthcare resources, extending accessibility to people in rural communities. 

For more information about Total Point Urgent Care, please visit to learn more. 



Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (5/3/2024). Photo by Huma Kabakci on Unsplash

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