Dallas, Texas, May 8th, 2024 – Total Point Urgent Care announces its new membership that provides membership plans for immigrant families. The urgent care facility is on a mission to bring quality and affordable medical care to communities in need. To do this, they have established a foundation of inclusivity, financial support, and compassion for those in need. 

The membership plan includes things like cost-effective solutions, unlimited access, and a flat rate for the program instead of paying for each visit individually. Total Point Urgent Care plans to incorporate the membership plan into all their facilities they develop across the country. The intent of the membership is to provide additional support for immigrant families in need of healthcare services. For many immigrants they likely have had to leave behind their healthcare support system, such as their healthcare plan and providers. It can be overwhelming to start over in a new country, but Total Point Urgent Care believes that healthcare should not be a complicated process as it is a basic human need. 

The membership plan allows for Total Point Urgent Care to provide the following to immigrant families–

  • Affordability– Immigrants often face financial constraints, especially if they’re new to the country or have limited access to healthcare benefits. A membership plan with unlimited visits may provide a cost-effective solution compared to paying for each visit separately.
  • Accessibility– Immigrants may not have established relationships with primary care physicians yet or may face barriers in accessing traditional healthcare systems. Urgent care facilities with membership plans offer convenient, walk-in services without the need for appointments or insurance.
  • Predictability– Without a long medical history in their new country, immigrants might not be sure how often they’ll need medical care. A membership plan with unlimited visits provides predictability in healthcare expenses, making it easier to budget for medical needs.

About Total Point Urgent Care – Based in Dallas, Texas, Total Point Urgent Care is an equal opportunity medical facility for anyone in need of quality, affordable medical care. 

For more information about Total Point Urgent Care, please visit to learn more. 




Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (5/10/2024). Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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