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total point urgent care wellness membership program

For the average person, the cost of healthcare in Texas is a serious issue. In addition to high premiums, patients still have to fork out tons of money for a standard doctor’s visit. For some, it’s just too much. The cost of healthcare can actually cost people their health. 

At Total Point Urgent Care, your well-being matters above all else. That’s why we’ve launched the Total Point Wellness Membership, a program that enables individuals and families to get the appointments and treatment they need at a reasonable price. 


Who Benefits From the Total Point Wellness Membership?


Our memberships can save money for almost anyone looking for routine medical care.

For those without insurance, an ordinary visit to the doctor can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. As part of our wellness membership, the monthly fee has your visit covered.

If you do have coverage but aren’t sure what’s included in your policy, this program can ease the stress of paying for initial and follow-up visits. Total Point can also make a great alternative when your regular physician can’t make room for an appointment on short notice. Timeliness is essential with medical care—Total Point wants to make sure you get seen and get seen quickly. After all, shouldn’t urgent care be… Urgent?


What Is Included In The Total Point Wellness Membership?


Our membership program offers dozens of services, either covered by the membership fee or at a discounted rate. The list includes, but is not limited to:


  • Acute illness evaluation and treatment
  • Acute injury evaluation and treatment
  • Work, school, and sports physicals
  • Examinations and in-clinic lab work-ups
  • Annual flu shot
  • Discounted X-rays
  • Annual check-up


These services and unlimited office visits are available at 10 locations in Dallas / Fort Worth and East-Central Texas for as little as $50/month per family member.


From pricey co-pays to scheduling issues, enrollment in Total Points Wellness Membership eliminates the financial stresses of everyday healthcare. Our program is straightforward and patient-focused, ensuring you only pay for the one thing you want: high-quality, affordable healthcare.


For enrollment and to learn more about our terms and conditions, please visit www.totalpointcare.com or CLICK HERE!

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