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Our Urgent Care Center Provides Sprain & Strain Treatment

Strains and sprains are commonly seen injuries at Total Point Urgent Care clinics. Both strains and sprains can exhibit similar symptoms, although they involve different body parts. They can range from mild to severe, depending on how badly the muscles and ligaments are damaged. Our urgent care centers throughout Arizona and Texas are fully equipped to ensure strains and sprains won’t keep you down for long. Visit us today for quick, walk-in treatment!

What Causes Strains & Sprains?

Strains and sprains typically occur at the joints, such as your ankles, knees, and wrists. These areas of the body are subject to shifting movements. A sprained ankle, for example, can be caused by the foot turning inward or outward and over-stretching the ligaments on the opposite side of the foot.

What Is a Strain?

A strain occurs when your muscles or tendons are stretched or torn.

What Is a Sprain?

Sprains are one of the most common injuries treated by medical providers at Total Point Urgent Care. Sprains are usually caused by twisting, falling, or a sudden jolt to a joint, which damages the ligament. You should have your injury examined by a physician to rule out other possible injuries and determine the best course of treatment.

Sprained ankle

Symptoms of Strains & Sprains

The symptoms of sprains or strains range from mild to severe and can include:

  • Mild: Mild strains and sprains are caused by excessive stretching or a slight ligament tear. You might experience a small amount of swelling and tenderness, but it’s still possible to put weight on the strained area.
  • Moderate: The ligament fibers are torn but aren’t completely ruptured. Your joint will be tender, painful, and difficult to move around. It may be swollen and discolored from bleeding. You might feel unsteady when weight is put on the strained area.
  • Severe: One or more ligaments are completely torn. The joint can’t hold weight, is very swollen, and possibly discolored.

Treating Sprains & Strains

Properly treating a strained or sprained ankle, knee, or wrist can help prevent further complications in the future. When you visit Total Point Urgent Care, we can evaluate your injury and take any necessary x-rays to determine the severity and the best course for treatment. The treatment process for sprains and strains is about the same, and your Total Point Urgent Care medical provider may recommend:

  • Resting the injury
  • Elevating the joint
  • Applying ice four to eight times per day
  • Using compression bandages
  • Using recommended medication for pain and swelling
  • Using a cane, crutches, or sling throughout treatment

Get Treatment for Your Strains & Sprains Today

When you’ve suffered a sprain or strain from a fall or something else, the professional team of medical providers at Total Point Urgent Care is here to help. We can evaluate your injury, take x-rays if necessary, and determine the best treatment process to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

As a convenient healthcare resource for communities throughout Arizona and Texas, our urgent care clinics are here to provide the immediate medical care services you need at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit. Contact us today to learn more about our walk-in urgent care centers or get effective treatment for your sprain!

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