Five Reasons You Might Need an X-Ray at Urgent Care

Did you know that you can get x-rays at urgent care? Here are five of the most common reasons why you might need an x-ray.

For doctors and nurses, x-rays are an essential diagnostic tool. They help us identify and treat all sorts of different medical problems, from broken bones to pneumonia. But did you know that you can get x-rays at urgent care? There’s no need to make an appointment or rush to the emergency room—you can get an x-ray without an appointment at the urgent care clinic nearest you. Here are five situations where you might need x-rays for diagnosis.

Five Common Reasons Why You Might Need an X-Ray

1: Broken Bones

Probably the first scenario that comes to mind when you think about x-rays is a broken bone. If your kid fell off their bike, and you’re worried that they might have broken their arm, an x-ray can tell you whether it’s a break or just a sprain. Or if your grandma slipped and fell in her kitchen, an x-ray will reveal any hip fractures. 

2: Dislocated Joints

Dislocations are one of the most common injuries suffered during contact sports. If your aspiring quarterback took a bad sack and their shoulder is swollen and bruised, they might have dislocated their arm. A trip to urgent care for an x-ray will reveal the extent of the injury and show whether or not their shoulder joint has been dislocated.

3: Bowel Obstructions

You’d be surprised at the unusual things people end up swallowing—especially curious toddlers. X-rays will reveal any foreign objects that are blocking the intestinal tract. They can also detect other types of obstructions, such as colon cancer. Going to urgent care for intestinal pain could help you get an early diagnosis.

4: Pneumonia

X-rays will also reveal obstructions in the lungs, so they are useful in diagnosing pneumonia as well. If you go to urgent care to get treatment for the flu, and your blood oxygen levels are low, they might order a chest x-ray to rule out the possibility of pneumonia. This will help your doctor determine whether you need oxygen therapy, and help them prescribe the right type of antibiotics.

5: Heart Conditions

If you are having chest pain or think you might be having a heart attack, a chest x-ray can help reveal symptoms of a heart condition. The x-ray images will show the shape, size, and location of the heart, and they can also show other symptoms such as valve disorders. Remember, women and men have different symptoms of heart attacks, so it’s important to understand the signs and seek help immediately.

You Can Get X-Rays at Any of Our Urgent Care Clinics in Texas

At Total Point Urgent Care, our board-certified radiologists can perform an x-ray on any part of your body. Every clinic is equipped with onsite radiographic imaging to help you get a swift diagnosis, no appointment needed. We have clinics throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area, including Ennis, Texas. Bookmark your nearest Total Point location, and if you ever need urgent medical care, we’ll be here for you.

Photo by Tom Claes on Unsplash used with permission under the Creative Commons license for commercial use 6/11/2024.

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